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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Raining in Zambia

Greetings from a very wet Zambia. The rainy season is now in full force. Everything us starting to turn into a beautiful deep green and flowers are blooming every ware.

We're doing ok. The power has been out for some time though and I hope it comes on soon. Also, our back-up solar on our house has stopped working properly. The solar batteries have gotten too old. This having to use candle light at night isn't always the most ideal way of having fun. (Batteries for flash lights are very expensive here.) Also if it doesn't come back on soon we'll be losing everything in our fridge. We go shopping only once every two weeks so our fridge is stocked up with supplies. We'll see. As it says in the book of James: "Count it all joy." also as we say on our team. To be a missionary you have to have a since of humor and you have to be able to bend as you face different aspects of life. So I smile as I write this paragraph to you. :)

The kids are doing well. The three older ones are thrilled with the rains coming. It means mud pies, and building cool roads in our big sand box in our back yard. Putting on their rain boots and splashing through the mud puddles. Or as our sweet little two year old Emily did during church services Sunday: Intentionally dip and slide (with a big smile on her face) through a big mud puddle. Needless to say we striped her down to her bare minimums in the car as we drove home after services.

Caleb is growing well. He's sitting up great and scoots around on his little back side. He keeps leaning forward to try to crawl but keeps landing right on his little face. "Sorry little fella. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it soon enough." Then, we'll be chasing him through puddles as well.

Rick and I are well. No big news with us. We're trying to avoid mud puddles and the such although a few mornings ago little Lydia asked for Daddy to come out and make mud balls with her. So, as I fixed breakfast as Daddy and Lydia made mud balls and then splatted them on the ground. That's bush entertainment for you.:)

- Karen

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