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Home School Teacher for our Children

We have four children who need your help to teach home school:
6 years old
1st grade (almost finished)
4 years old
Kindergarten (soon)
2 years old
8 months old

I, Rick, currently teach Matthew his home school. However, I am not able to give him the attention he needs. We are church planting missionaries and I have other responsibilities that require my attention many days. Some weeks we have to skip many days of school because of my work. It is also quite difficult for Karen to do much with Caleb taking her attention whenever she is not cooking and working in the house.

We need your help.

We need someone who can provide Matthew and Lydia the attention they need so they can do their school well.

Video Summary

How the Home School Curriculum Works

We use Sonlight Christian Home School Curriculum which is great to use. Each week I type out a checklist that covers all the subjects. Most of the subjects simply require the teacher to read out-loud (reviewing once in a while to keep the student's attention). Other subjects, like hand-writing, simply need a teacher to watch the student and offer advice.
I will go over how to teach each subject and will still teach a bit each day. For example, I plan to continue to teach Math and Bible. I will always be available to help or answer questions if needed.
The point is that the requirements are few:
  • You need to be able to read English
  • You need to be patient with children
  • You need to be a Christian who wants to support the spread of God's word

Living Situation

We live in a duplex. The other side is set up like an apartment which you will be able to use. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. It has front and back porches and yards with privacy fences.

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We are situated about 70 kilometers outside of Solwezi, Zambia (which has the conveniences of any small rural town in America - a grocery store, multiple banks, gas stations, etc. It even has a good 3G network and we get edge internet where we live). The people are extremely hospitable, respectful, and peace loving. It is a pleasure to live among the Kaonde tribe. They are modern Africans - most have a cell phone but still struggle with budgeting enough food for their families throughout the year.

If you have any interest in coming for a school year (9 months) or for a short term (3 months), please fill out the form below to begin a conversation:

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